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Dream BIG

It must be a “guy” thing, but exploring construction sites was a favorite pastime of my friends and mine during our summer between fifth and sixth grades. We’d spend hours climbing up, on and over things,  playing “tag” amongst the framing, or looking for just poured cement to memorialize our handprints in. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the safest place for a bunch of kids to play.

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It’s not a doll…It’s an action figure!

I’ve always been a collector of things, I’m not sure why. Whether it be rock-n-roll, hot rods, or pop culture, there has always been “something” I just had to have. When I first started working full time and was still living at home, I was able to buy just about anything I wanted, and I still managed to save most of my pennies for a rainy day. I commonly refer to this as my “before the storm” period.

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