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Growing Minds

Any positive investment in a child is a nod to their future, as well as to the future of everyone they encounter. Imagine what waves could be made if entire communities of children were given advantages that previously didn’t exist in their worlds that catapulted them from unprivileged situations to the realm of modern education. It might sound a little fantastic in theory, but the Grimm Family Education Foundation lives this dream every single day—and so do the children whose lives they impact.

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Honor Flight: Time to Heal

It is never too late to mend what has been broken.

When brave men and women who served during World War II returned to their civilian lives, they had come home to a land that desperately needed to return to the full glory it lacked in their absence. This propelled most of them back into a world that didn’t allow them any time to grieve or heal—it was a world that needed to move forward faster than the pieces that comprised these souls could be put back together. This is how organizations like Honor Flight become a vital element in veterans looking to make peace with what happened so long ago.

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