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The Adventures of MaggieZeen

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Look! Up in the sky!

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More Than Just Boots and Bachelors...

Written by Les Corum


There are a lot of fund-raising events in Bakersfield right now...evidence that we're a very giving community.But I doubt there are any that are more fun than the Boots and Bachelors Auction held for the benefit of the Bakersfield Homeless Center.

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...As I Was Saying

Written by Les Corum

alt I was saying (writing), all of this high-tech stuff is a little overwhelming to a guy that remembers being worried about bomb shelters in the mid-'50s, along with pink and black jackets, blue suede shoes, '55 Chevys, Andre's, Stan's, and the famous Michener's Drive Ins. Whoops. There I go, dating myself.

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I'm blogging now?

Written by Les Corum


A blog? Our Executive Editor (yes, he's my son) thinks I should communicate with the world. When I asked him “what should I communicate?” his reply was “stuff...but make it cutting edge.”

I swear, he's more like his mother than ever (thank God).

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