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My Superhero Jeans!


You can find the perfect wall color to match that pillow you like so much. You can get the kids ready for school, make breakfast, make it through Rosedale rush-hour traffic without going crazy, finish that presentation that's due in 15 minutes, walk an old lady across the street, find a way to save on your electric bill...all while wearing 5-inch heels. But somehow finding the perfect pair of jeans becomes an impossible mission. And I'm not just talking about the “Oh, they look cute” jeans that you found for a bargain in a boutique downtown, but the “My legs look longer, my hips look smaller, they make my eyes look bigger, I can find an answer to global warming, in these” jeans.

Yes, some of us are lucky to have found that amazingly perfect pair of jeans, but it was not an easy task. Out of the 16 pairs of jeans I have in my closet, there is probably one pair of jeans that I can truly say fits me perfectly...well maybe two pair on a good day! As I'm out and about...attending parties, charity events, taking pictures, and getting to know the community, I've seen a need! A need for ladies to know how to look for and find the perfect pair of jeans.

They are as follows:

Curvy hips/small waist

Look for jeans with lycra in them, because they will stretch, and it is likely the difference in the hips will not create that gap at the waist. Focus on looking for a darker-colored, bootcut jean. And definitely stay away from skinny jeans. These will make your hips look wider and your legs look shorter. Which is something no girl wants.

Larger midsection

Find jeans that have a flattering rise. Stay away from jeans that come too low...this will give you (and even the skinniest girl) a non-flattering “muffin top.” On the contrary, jeans that come up too high will make your waist seem bigger. Also jeans with a wider waist band seem to flatter this body type.

Small derrière

You might not think it's a good idea to focus the attention on the problem but believe it or not, the best solution to having few curves is to focus the attention on your posterior. Look for styles with interesting back details, either pockets to add a little bulk or lower-set pockets that will add some contour and shape.

For those a little more gifted

When It comes to back pockets avoid wearing jeans without them as well as having any excess decorations. Try to stick with the darker denim it is much more sliming. Also, don't buy jeans that are lighter in color in the rear. You may be proud of your assets, but this type of jean will make them look over-sized.

Getting to know your body type, as well as what cut fits you best and what you should stay away from, are key to finding the perfect pair of jeans. Also before you start stacking up all the jeans you want to try on, it's always good to already have in mind what the main purpose of the jeans you are looking for will be when you walk in the store. Are you looking for casual, dressy, or just a pair of comfy jeans? Because you definitely don't want to walk out with with five pair of jeans you won't even end up wearing!

Until next time, my fashion-forward readers, hopefully these tips will help you find more than a handful of “I look so cute I can save the world in these” jeans.

And in the lovely words of Yves Saint Laurent, “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity—all I hope for in my clothes.”