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Please Put Down The Pitchfork!

Something has come to my attention: I write about music too much. Too much for a person who is, much to her chagrin, not a music journalist. I'm also not a musician, another career where a propensity for writing about bands, songs, and albums would seem natural. Unless you think playing the clarinet for five years as a teenager qualifies me as a “musician.” And somehow, no one ever does.


Roughly 83 percent* of my blogs contain some reference to music.

It's acceptable; I don't think anyone is ready to grab a pitchfork or a torch and burn my blog to the ground. Or, if they are, they haven't forewarned me (please forewarn me). But I'm starting to worry that I'm obsessed with music. I don't want my blogs to sound repetitive and unimaginative because they inevitably include some reference to a particular band or song. Granted, it's never the same band or song, but still. Now that it's been brought to my attention, though, I can't really be blamed for writing about music this time, right? As a response? This blog can't be counted against my total.

This blog can, however, be a way for me to remind you of some great local events coming up and shamelessly include the title of a song that is somehow connected to that event in my mind. Hey, I've already mentioned music in this blog so I might as well get some mileage out of it!

First, the Bakersfield Women's Business Conference ( is this Thursday, April 28. The magazine is thrilled to be a sponsor again this year and the 2011 lineup, including Gloria Allred (Gloria Allred!), is sure to be inspiring. If you haven't registered yet, sing the first few lines of Helen Reddy's “I Am Woman” and go to the website listed above for more information.

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, in case you didn't know, and the Nexcare “give” Blood Donation Program is once again coming to town. There is a heartbreaking (and heartwarming?) song by The Middle East called “Blood.” It doesn't really have anything to do with giving blood, per se, but I always think about life while listening to it. Also, beards (give it a listen to know why). Maybe a better song to reference is “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous—it's a song with the most uplifting melody I've heard in while.


In any case, the program is an annual partnership between Nexcare Bandages, America's Blood Centers, and the American Red Cross. The goal is to thank regular donors and create new ones. Locally, Houchin Community Blood Bank will be passing out “give” bandages that donors can wear with pride. It's important to donate now to help prevent the “summer shortage” that usually occurs. If you'd like more information visit or Or, you could always schedule a time to go to Houchin and give blood on your lunch hour!

Finally, the Bakersfield St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is June 19! If you haven't purchased your $100 ticket by now, get on it! Winners will be drawn during the St. Jude television special on KERO on Sunday, June 19, 2011, and this year, one lucky winner will have the chance to choose either the house or a huge cash prize. Only 10,000 tickets are available and 1 in 500 will win a prize. I like those odds.

Tickets are available at Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, Rogers Jewelry Co., and Urner's! You can actually tour the house, located in the Tiburon community of Northwest Bakersfield, between May 7 and June 12. All the money goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital so we can put a stop to catastrophic childhood illnesses, including cancer. Talk about an uplifting cause. Speaking of uplifting, I doubt there's a better song out there for putting a smile on my face than “Here Comes the Sun Again” by M. Ward. It should be listened to over and over again. And again.

But so many events go on in Bakersfield that it would take me forever to list them all and pick out a relevant song. Take a gander at the events page on our website ( to discover other worthy lunches, dinners, auctions, and concerts that you should attend. Especially concerts!

Come to think of it, there's no “maybe” about it. I'm obsessed with music.

*An eerily accurate figure!