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Recipe: Courtside Cafe’s Fruit Salad

Fresh, healthy, and delicious! What more could you want out of a fruit salad? How about a unique fruit salad with a cool twist, that’s made especially for you? Well, if you’re ready for a meal that satisfies your heart, belly, and mind, look no further. Because we’re still enveloped in summer’s warmth, everyone is still craving fresh, cool salads to keep our taste buds happy.

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Recipe: Grilled Chicken Breast

Given to me by my best friend, James (a sublime host in his own right, whose parties usually end up as melees of cocktail combat), this superb chicken dish combines the simplicity of grilling with note-worthy asparagus and a firm polenta. To make things a little easier, I suggest preparing the polenta a couple days in advance according to package directions.

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