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The Legend of the Oriental Flying Dutchman

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Like an eerie ghost ship sailing on a sandy sea, the Muroc-Maru was a full-scale wood, chicken wire, and tar model of a Japanese navy cruiser that stretched over 600 feet. Bombardiers and pilots, alike, used the mock-up for strafing, identification, and skip bombing practice...

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Filmed in Kern II

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The Old West was a time of outlaws, sheriffs, and cowboys roaming the countryside on their trusty horses and saving the occasional damsel in distress. This highly romanticized era has gotten more than its fair share of playtime (“Cowboys and Indians,” anyone?), and it’s also spent a lot of time on the silver screen...

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Bakersfield Inn c.1949

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

While the United States was facing a Great Depression, two brothers set out to start something great; something of their own. Brothers Oscar and C.L. Tomerlin began building the Bakersfield Inn on the west side of Union Avenue...

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Kern's First II

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

This is the second part of our story on Kern’s earliest residents: the Native American people who first called this area home.

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Kern County Fair c.1929

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The Kern County Fair is known far and wide for representing the time of year where you can eat deep fried anything in abundance, watch a rodeo, purchase countless locally made wares, see livestock, and have your picture taken with a camel...

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Kern's First

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


Long before our written history began, and years before a plough ever touched the fertile soil of our county, the land we now call home was enjoyed and revered by its first residents.

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Kern River Wier c.1890

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


During the late 1800’s in our lovely county, the Kern River was the place to be when the summers became too hot to bear. Not only was it a cool spot for swimming (clothing optional), but it was a mecca for fishing—a tradition that is still upheld today. However, the river wasn’t always stocked with enough fish to draw countless fisherman to its banks.

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Behind Closed Doors

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


There was a time in Bakersfield’s history that was defined not by constant advances in technology, but by simple people and simple pleasures. For all the places one could stop in for a whiskey, there were just as many places one could stop in to have another need sated.

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Kern County Jail c.1914

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


All throughout our city, we are surrounded by historic buildings and statues which bring character, charm, and serve as reminders of the incredible past Bakersfield possesses. Colonel Baker sits forever focused in front of City Hall while Father Garces tirelessly keeps watch over the Garces Circle...

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Generations II: Kern County Family

Written by Gordon F. Lull


“What? Have you any sense of direction at all? Where are you? Burke Hill? Let me make it easy for you. When you get back into town, take Ming Avenue and go all the way to Ashe. Take a right in the direction of Stockdale, then a left on Tevis Drive. You’re right there.”

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