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Hospice…It’s About Living

Some of the caring staff at Optimal Hospice.
Some of the caring staff at Optimal Hospice.

Hospice Care—a special program designed to provide comfort for people at the end stages of life—is a crucial part of the modern healthcare system. The team at Optimal Hospice aims to combine compassion with the art and science of medicine to help patients and families enjoy life to its fullest.

In an effort to strive for excellence in care, every member of the hospice team is encouraged to continue their education and training in order to enhance their particular area of expertise.

Over 19 years ago, Optimal Hospice was founded on the premise that if you hire the best, most qualified staff, encourage individual growth, and put the needs of patients and families first, you will be successful. Optimal has grown to be the largest provider of hospice services in Kern County, with care being provided by some of the most experienced healthcare professionals in the industry.

Some of the advanced professional certifications and degrees achieved by the Optimal Hospice team are as follows: Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Physicians, Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses, Board Certified Pain Management and Wound Care Nurses, Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling, Certified Grief Counselors, and Certified Hospice Administrators and Clinical Managers.

Optimal Hospice believes that everyone deserves the best possible care from the first moment of life to the last. While many illnesses in their advanced stages cannot be cured, hospice is here to provide the best quality of life possible during their final moments.

1675 Chester Avenue, Suite 401
(661) 716-4000

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