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Dr. Nirav Naik & Dr. Cyrus Moon

Dr. Nirav Naik founded New Life Medical in 2014 to raise the level of bariatric care in Kern County. Not only has he succeeded in doing so, but he is also championing for awareness in our community.

“Obesity is a rapidly growing problem in Kern County, the United States, and all over the world,” Dr. Naik began. “At one point, weight loss surgery seemed extreme, but now it is accepted as useful treatment that is part of a lifestyle change that will help to combat obesity. Combined with a better diet and exercise, patients can improve and maintain their health.” However, the health benefits do not end with just weight loss. “Diseases like hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes have also been increasing at astronomical rates,” he continued. “Weight loss has proven effective in reversing these conditions.”

If surgery still seems daunting, there is no need to worry. Not only does Dr. Naik have 20 years of experience in weight loss surgery, providing safe and effective procedures, New Life Medical also has nonsurgical options.

Dr Naik is proud to announce that Dr. Cyrus Moon is now a part of New Life Medical. Dr. Moon also shares a similar philosophy on weight loss and is highly experienced in weight loss procedures.

Dr. Naik has a reputation for being innovative in his field, and is very passionate about bringing that innovation to Bakersfield while helping to create healthier, happier lives. If you’re ready to live the best life possible, look to New Life Medical.

4817 Centennial Plaza Way, Suite C
(661) 447-4559

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