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Sean Kenny
Sean Kenny

Bakersfield businesses who wish to enrich the lives of their employees now have that option through an exclusive worksite wellness program, Advanced Care Wellness (ACW). Whether a company wants to offer flu shots or comprehensive testing, ACW provides all-inclusive packages. And their on-site biometric health screenings can provide lab accurate results in less than seven minutes!

Sean Kenny, Health and Wellness Manager for ACW, has successfully designed wellness programs for a number of organizations, from law enforcement to agricultural agencies and even school districts, and has also been published on a national level.

In regards to ACW’s extensive experience with these programs, Kenny said, “We can handle challenges of a variety of industries and multiple locations, shifts, and so forth. We have the experience to bring solutions to any size company, from fifteen employees to eight thousand and up.”

Available through Managed Care Systems, every program is customized to fit each company’s individual needs and their new digital health technology allows them to work in any geography. Everything is streamlined, since ACW is the single source of any service needed, simplifying everything and saving your business money in the process. They even offer an online portal where employees can log in, answer questions, and view a completely personalized health report.

If you’re in the market for a worksite wellness program, Advanced Care Wellness has you covered.

4550 California Ave., Suite 100
(661) 716-7118

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