Janet Needham

Owner, Bakersfield Biz App

Janet Needham
Janet Needham

Tell us about your company: We are a full service mobile marketing company specializing in providing innovative, engaging, traffic driven, data driven, and cost-effective mobile marketing. We deliver mobile apps on every platform and provide an easy way for customers to access information about a business; which increases brand exposure, foot traffic, and ultimately revenue.

How long have you owned your business? I started Bakersfield Biz App in February 2015.

Describe your favorite thing about your job: I would say my favorite thing about my job as an app developer is the creative aspect. Another is the marketing industry and helping other business owners; and just getting to know people and developing those relationships.

How do you plan on growing for the future? Although Bakersfield is part of my business name, I can create an app anywhere; we are essentially a global company. My plan is to continue to develop relationships with other business owners in our local community. I would love to grow my business to the point that I hire on other creative people to help in the development of apps.

Bakersfield Biz App

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