Jaime L. Smith

Berry, Smith & Bartell, Partner & Bakersfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Jaime L. Smith
Jaime L. Smith

Tell us about your firm: Berry, Smith & Bartell is a workers’ compensation firm that represents injured workers throughout the Central Valley. The firm (previously known as the Law Office of Wm. Todd Berry) was established in 2007. We have over 130 years of combined legal experience and a successful track record of assisting injured workers and their families with all types of workers’ compensation claims. We love being local and love this community.

Describe what you do: I help injured workers navigate the workers’ compensation system which is complex and often difficult to access. It is my job to help my clients get the medical treatment and benefits that they are entitled to receive.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment is graduating from Golden Gate University School of Law with highest honors and becoming partner at a successful law firm.

What is your favorite part of your work? Helping those with work-related injuries obtain the medical treatment and benefits that they are entitled to under the law.

How is your company making an impact in the community? Our firm believes in giving back to the community. We were involved in the Kern County Cancer Fund this past year and will continue our contributions to nonprofit and charitable organizations in the future.

What sets your business apart? At Berry, Smith & Bartell, we’d like to think that a client can feel comfortable presenting their case to us and knowing that we will go above and beyond to help them. Our firm is dedicated to workers’ compensation and protecting the rights of injured workers.

How do you hope the company grows in the next year? Our firm plans to expand to a new location by mid-year to accommodate our staff and client growth. And we hope for more success throughout 2017.

1800 30th Street, #330

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