Centuries of Soothing

The word “tea” can open up a world of debate over its benefits, how it stacks up against coffee, and exactly which kind is the best for you.

Popular since its discovery in ancient China, Husein Shakir, president of the US division of locally headquartered Adam Tea revealed, “Rumor is that in China a man was cooking in a garden, boiled some hot water, and a leaf fell into the pot…the leaf steeped, he tasted the water, and that was how tea was born.” He credits the British who encountered the drink in “the middle kingdom” for tea’s commercial cultivation, and the rest is history.

Shakir affirmed that tea has many healthy properties, and explained that while green is often thought of as being better for you, the black variety can hold its own. “I would say that green tea and black tea are the same, green tea in the US has been heavily marketed to be higher in antioxidants and more healthy and so forth, but I don’t believe that that’s the case,” he shared, while noting that black tea tends to have more caffeine.

Assistant Manager for Tea Bar, Kelly Nguyen detailed the many ways this comforting brew is rumored to boost your health. “Every single tea has so many benefits. Oolong is really good for lowering your cholesterol. Black tea is good to regulate your blood sugar and your blood pressure and it also helps you with your cholesterol.” And it doesn’t stop there. She added, “Rooibos is also very good if you have allergies or a cold and it also increases your iron absorption and is good for your hair, skin, nails, and teeth. White tea is really cleansing and detoxifying and green tea can speed up your metabolism. It helps with your immune system and helps to lower your blood pressure.”

Herbal teas still have many of the benefits, so there’s no reason to feel left out if you can’t have caffeine. On top of this, it’s a great alternative to other popular beverages such as soda, which can be filled with sugar. Nguyen suggested that flavored teas are an option for those who don’t like the taste, but added that drinking it plain is the best way to reap the benefits.

Shakir cautioned that while it is a healthy choice, it’s important to drink this beloved brew in moderation by sticking to a cup or two a day. Just as important is ensuring that you’re drinking high quality tea, and taking into consideration its origin and how it is produced.

“The highest quality and priciest tea comes from Sri Lanka, Ceylon,” he reported. “As far as benefits go, Sri Lanka is the only tea producing country that doesn’t use pesticides in the growing of tea. All the tea that is picked in Sri Lanka is all hand picked and that’s important; the plant itself is very porous and it has a high tendency to absorb the atmosphere around it.” By drinking hand picked tea, you’re ensuring the purity of your daily cuppa.

He also recommends keeping an eye out for ozone friendly products, because “it’s very environmentally friendly as well, and the benefits are not just what people are consuming, but to the planet as well,” he advised. With perks like that for both you and the planet, drinking tea is something we can all feel good about.

Please consult a doctor before drinking tea for medical reasons.

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