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When making improvements to your home, cost and aesthetics are often the only two things that we focus on. And while these are crucial factors to keep in mind, you should also consider the long-term. Don’t forget the importance of energy efficiency and curb appeal when choosing windows and doors, because both can add value to your home while saving you money.

Ray Saldaña, Sr., owner of Wood Masters, Inc., said, “When you are installing or replacing doors or windows, you are obviously going to have to pay for them, regardless, so why not install something nice that will save you energy and cost in the long run?” He makes an excellent point, because inefficient doors and windows will actually let in excess light while also allowing both warm and cool air to escape throughout the year, causing your heating and cooling system to work far harder than necessary. (If you need reassurance as to whether you are due for a change or not, check out your electric bill!)

It’s a general rule of thumb to replace your windows every 20 to 25 years, and Saldaña confirmed this. It is also a good idea, he maintained, to change out your doors when replacing windows because, along with making sure everything is up-to-date, there are cosmetic issues to take into consideration.

Think about it: the front of your home really is the first impression people will get of it, and sometimes it is the only impression. It would make little sense to install beautiful windows while having a worn out door on display that doesn’t match the newer style. Also, consider the fact that colored window frames, from subdued grays to eye-catching reds, are also becoming increasingly popular. “When you change your windows,” Saldaña continued, “you also have to color-code your house. Hip colors and different shapes for windows can add a totally different look.”

There may have been a time when choosing different windows and doors was a cumbersome task, but the look and functionality of both really have come a long way. Iron doors are quickly becoming trendy options for exterior doors, as they double as security gates, as well as showcase beautiful ironwork designs. It can be as simple as bars and panels of iron or as elaborate as climbing vines, but the beauty and security is undeniable. Fiberglass doors are another popular option due to their energy efficiency and the ability to be stained or painted to best suit the buyer’s tastes.

One last point that should always be considered is that of safety. As Saldaña pointed out, changing your doors always means changing your locks. Older windows and doors can also have considerable wear with time, which also impacts how well they keep out things that may be worse than unwanted sunlight.

So if your electric bill has shown an inexplicable hike or if you are just looking for a way to freshen up the look of your home, remember that the answers can lie in the very windows and doors that surround you.


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