Wall’s Hearing Aid Center

“Better Hearing With The Human Touch”

Kenneth Wall
Kenneth Wall

Seventy years have passed since Wall’s Hearing Aid first opened its doors to Bakersfield residents with hearing needs. While things have inevitably changed over the years, it has maintained its reputation and passion for providing the best in hearing technology available on the market.

Offering “Better Hearing Through the Human Touch,” they are a proud Starkey provider, which ensure that their patients receive the best options imaginable. “Starkey recently released a Muse product that is a dual processor hearing aid,” began Kenneth Wall, owner and hearing aid dispenser. “It is the first and only one of its kind.”

As Wall explained, this innovative hearing aid has one processor that focuses on speech, but has been upgraded from a 16 channel premium device to 24 channels. “This gives it a much finer resolution of adjustment, cleaner sound, and greater noise reduction,” he said. The second processor focuses on music, treating it as a separate function. It also has 24 channels, and when they are used in making phone calls, the conversation is heard in both ears, making it more natural to hear. This processor is also faster and more complex than others that are available.

With the focus set entirely on the needs of Bakersfield residents, there is little question as to what level of care you will receive at Wall’s Hearing Aid Center. With a strong commitment to ensuring that patients have the most current options and an improved quality of life for 70 years, you know your hearing is in good hands.

Wall’s Hearing Aid Center, Inc.

4800 Easton Drive, Suite 108
(661) 368-9859

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