Miles Muzio

Miles Muzio

If I can improve a younger person’s life via innovation & insight, that will be an ongoing accomplishment passed to the next generation.

Miles Muzio, 63, Chief Meteorologist, KBAK-TV Birthplace: San Antonio, TX

How he got started: “I have been a weather enthusiast since earliest boyhood,” Muzio disclosed. “After seeing a tornado in Texas at age five, my family traveled to Okinawa in 1959 (my father was in the U.S. Air Force). Several days after landing there, a typhoon swept in. The eye of the storm came directly over the island and [the] skies temporarily cleared out. It turned nearly calm. Grownups told me that the storm would be right back. A half hour later, ferocious winds kicked up again with horizontal rain. I was amazed that anybody could know that would happen.”

His favorite part of the industry: Muzio explained that “formulating the weather scenario” in his mind and letting his viewers know what’s on the horizon has always been rewarding. Pretty simple coming from a man who worked for the Alaskan Air Command “with a Top Secret security clearance during the cold war, with Soviet bombers just across the Bering Strait.”

Career highlights: The list of achievements he has accrued is staggering. “I’ve been a broadcaster from Portland, OR to St. Louis, MO to Hartford, CT. I had traveled to each state by the time I was nineteen years old and have climbed to the top of 44 state high points,” he said. He’s also been an Air Force Meteorologist, worked with Gene Cernan providing precise wind measurements for the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle.

His heroes: Muzio revealed that he has two, the first being Sully Sullenberger, “the pilot that was cool and collected enough to land a commercial airliner in the Hudson River back in January 2009 after his jet had been disabled immediately after takeoff.” The second is Neal Armstrong because few people can ever top being the first person on the moon! “My heroes are people that exhibited extraordinary courage in the face of potential catastrophe.”

What he’d still like to accomplish: First, it should be mentioned that Muzio is a man who actually flew into Hurricane Josephine just east of Florida in 1984 with the Air Force Hurricane Hunters! With that in mind, he maintains that he wants to “continue sharing [his] credo with those who seek knowledge. It is a peculiar commission which older people have to help the less experienced overcome obstacles in their lives. Some older people embrace that commission, others don’t.”

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