Alchemy Bakery and Brew

Pie and tea! Most people love both of them but rarely do you hear the two combined in any usual fashion. This is where, yet again, Bakersfield innovation comes into play showcased at a couple of the Farmers’ Markets right here in town. Alchemy Bakery and Brew just came onto the scene in October of last year and owner Jodi Kessler decided to change things up a bit by combining two of her favorite things.

Jodi Kessler
Jodi Kessler

“Pie and tea are both a passion of mine,” she started. “I had worked at a crime lab for fifteen years before I became sick and left the field. It opened my eyes that I didn’t really enjoy what I was doing. I wanted to get into something I’m passionate about, and I wanted to spend my time doing what I love, not working for a paycheck.” She had been baking with her mom since childhood, and as her mom drank tea daily, she would experiment with her own tea blends as well. (A sip of one of her many special blends, Fruity Oolong, where she adds dried hibiscus flowers, dried cranberries, dried orange peel, dried apple pieces, and natural fruit flavor to Oolong Tea, and her years of work will be evident.)

Her knack for blending teas and baking stuck with her throughout the years. Fortunately for us, she is at two Farmers’ Markets: the Valley Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and the Haggin Oaks Farmers’ Market on Sundays. (Can’t make it out? You can also order online at and she will even deliver them to you. Think about that: having a fresh, homemade pie and original, delicious tea blends without having to leave your home or warm up your kitchen!)

Strawberry Pomegranate Green Tea

  • 2 c. whole fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 32 oz. cold brewed
  • pomegranate green tea
  • 1/4 c. honey

Set aside five strawberries. With the remaining strawberries, blend in blender until smooth.

Strain pureed strawberries and discard seeds. Mix together pomegranate green tea, pureed strawberries, and honey. Chill until ready to serve. Use reserved berries as garnish.

Cold Brewing Pomegranate Green Tea

Measure three Tbsp of her pomegranate green tea into a 32-ounce pitcher. Pour room temperature water into pitcher. Mix well. Place into refrigerator overnight. Strain tea into another pitcher to remove loose leaf tea.

Speaking of warm kitchens, it is the summertime, and nothing says summer quite like a big pitcher of delicious iced tea. We asked Kessler for an original recipe that can be cold brewed and also featured some delightful, locally sourced ingredients that you can pick up at the Farmers’ Markets, and her recipe is sure to bring all of the joys of summer into your home.

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