Let Us Entertain You

I’m sure that most people paint a picture of the life of a magazine editor as being that of glitz and glamour, attending VIP events, rubbing elbows with celebrities and friends in high (and low) places, but in all reality that couldn’t be further from the truth, at least in my case…I’m no “social butterfly.”

Photo by Nick Chapman
Photo by Nick Chapman

Not because I don’t like to be out and about, just that I work an insane amount of hours and what little free time I do have, I prefer to spend quietly at home with my better half, Lisa. Sure, occasionally we venture out to a favorite charity event or sneak off to a local restaurant, but we’re not much for the nightlife. And except for the occasional family get-together “Jack’s a dull boy.”

So imagine my surprise when Lisa told me, “Don’t make plans Saturday…company’s coming.” I hadn’t heard those words since I was a kid. We don’t get many visitors, and for good reason. I was now committed to a dull, painful night of awkward conversation…or so I thought.

You see, a couple years ago, on a rare weekend getaway, we met a fun, retired couple on the ocean view patio of the hotel we were all staying at. They hail from the Seattle area and every two years, it’s their tradition to make their way to Santa Barbara and stay for several weeks of California sun.

Well, almost immediately, the wives were as close as besties, while us guys sat and enjoyed the laughs and the sunset (and our drinks). It was decided after several hours of sipping wines that if either couple was ever in the area, we’d stop on by.

And much to my surprise, last weekend they did just that. Almost out of the blue, in the middle of an unfortunate spring heatwave no less, on their way to “our” favorite hotel in Santa Barbara, the couple we met from Washington took a special jaunt to come and visit us in lil’ ol’ Bakersfield…

Considering we had only spent one evening together nearly two years ago and hadn’t really spoken since, I must say I was somewhat trepidatious. But once the gals got to talking (and us guys got to enjoying our drinks), it turned out to be a blast.

Their visit gave us a chance to show off a bit of our city, and I think they were impressed. I know it reaffirmed why we enjoy living here. We had such a good time, we spent the whole weekend together and were sad when it had to end (we had to go to work, they got to go to the beach).

I think I enjoyed it most because it reminded me of the fun times Lisa and I spent with my parents, and at the same time, it reminded me of when my parents used to entertain their out-of-town friends. From the fantastic dinner at Uricchio’s to the box of Dewar’s chews Lisa gave them as a parting gift, it made me feel all “growed up and stuff” inside. Y’know, man-like, in case you were wondering where this is going. Because this is the Man Issue after all and we have some really great features, including a story on the local chapter of Sons of the American Revolution (pg. 45), an extremely creative whimsical woodcarver (pg. 43), and, on a more serious note, Men in Pink (pg. 39), profiling three local men that are helping to bring awareness to breast cancer in both women…and men.

This issue also features our Medical Specialties and profiles sections. And of course many other reader favorites.

As our traveling friends were getting ready to leave, they turned and said, “We had a wonderful time and we hope you did as well…and if nothing else you know you did a good deed.” Thinking about it later, I realized they were the ones who had done the good deed.


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