Wood-fired Pizza at the Market

As if our Farmers’ Markets weren’t already brimming with unique and delicious items, you can now add “freshly made pizza” to your list of needs when you visit the Valley Farmers’ Market. And don’t think for a second that it is something sitting under a heat lamp.

Far from it. Jeff Palmisano, owner of Milan’s Market, constructed his own wood fire oven so that he could not only honor his Italian heritage, but so that he could also produce the best pizza possible.

“My Italian parents were expert home cooks, as well as their parents,” he said. “Gardening, canning, and preserving was just how most of the families from the old country lived in the small town I grew up in in Western Pennsylvania. This instilled a great love of food in me that is a big part of my identity.” This is partly why using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients is so vital to Palmisano.

The oven has a history all its own. It started with his father’s desire to have owned a pizza shop. He elaborated, “The culmination of my passion for food and my father’s dream of a pizza shop was the inspiration to bring these together via the mobile food venture. Knowing bricks, mortar, and movement don’t go well together, I decided to build the mobile out of a material that could handle being transported on a regular basis.”

When it came to the recipe, Palmisano decided to share his mother’s pesto recipe with us, and it goes incredibly well with pasta, toasted bread, and even—you guessed it—pizza! He used a variety of items you can find here locally (eggplant, bell pepper, garlic, and basil), and trust us when we say that you are going to want to put this on everything.

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