Israel Vasquez & the Butcher crew

Wood-Dale Market

Come of the best meats in town, Wood-Dale Market is an old-fashioned meat market that has been fully operating since 1955 off of Stine Road, in between Belle Terrace and Stockdale Highway. Owner Israel Vasquez, who manages to keep that old-fashioned feeling while providing great customer service, has operated Wood-Dale for the past 12 years and previously worked in the grocery industry for over 25 years.


“Wood-Dale is a dominating mom-and-pop store, which is favorably high preference for the Bakersfield community that avoids large supermarkets, long lines, and non-convenient parking,” said Vasquez.

Wood-Dale has almost all meats needed for any occasion no matter how big or small. Some of Wood-Dale’s most valued items are Harris Ranch “Choice” beef, nearly seven different personalized meat baskets, and a variety of over 30 homemade sausages. Vasquez has also managed to keep up-to-date on new ideas like providing customers with organic grass-fed beef, organic free-range chicken, and unique items like veal, bison, venison, and lamb.

Vasquez said it’s important to keep old-fashioned traditions alive, even when a business has different owners over the course of its history. These traditions include a variety of different meats served with excellent customer service and selling dairy and produce from local companies such as Knudsen.

“I love small stores and I don’t like big supermarkets,” Anna Toy said. “I enjoy it when I hear everybody say, ‘Hi Anna’ when I walk in the door. They’re my friends.”

Building Exterior

Toy has been a Wood-Dale customer for over 50 years and prefers to shop at this local-run market rather than a grocery store.

“When you go into a supermarket nobody knows you and you don’t know where anything is. Here at Wood-Dale, you don’t have to look very far for things,” she added.

Toy also said that the old-fashioned feeling has never left the market and that the attention to customers is still a priority.

“Wood-Dale has been under many unique ownerships and every owner seems to bring a new order into the little old novelty meat market that’s been around for decades,” said Vasquez. “Wood-Dale has been a family store and has continued that tradition throughout each ownership.”

“I’ve never had anybody here that I didn’t care for. It’s personalized, I guess you could say,” said Toy.

Working alongside Vasquez is his nephew, meat manager Richard Vasquez, and assistant meat manager Oscar Enciso.

Vasquez said he feels that he has started the new generation that will continue these highly respected traditions.

Vasquez said that in the near future, he can foresee Wood-Dale’s business spreading to various areas in Bakersfield.

Wood-Dale also has contributed and donated to many other organizations such as Relay for Life, Girl Scouts of America, Kern County Museum Foundation, Wine Fest, small churches, and school events for children.

Wood-Dale’s operating hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

With a lot of pluck, local spirit, and gumption, Wood-Dale Market will be serving up quality customer service and fresh food for years to come.

Wood-Dale Market – Established 1955
250 Stine Road, Bakersfield, CA, 661-832-7373

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