Leigh Pozas

Owner, Total Woman Fitness

What is your role at Total Woman?

Leigh Pozas - Owner, Total Woman Fitness
Leigh Pozas – Owner, Total Woman Fitness

Everything is my job! I have been known to do everything from snaking a drain to keeping up on the latest in fitness trends in order to keep TW on the cutting edge, but teaching and training are my truest passions. My ability to juggle many projects and work well under pressure are definitely an asset.

How have you and your company bettered the community?

I have been involved with the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference for years (including being a Chairperson) and have trained both men and women for 16 years to do the annual Volkslauf Mud Run. I love knowing that I am improving the lives of women and men through empowerment or better health.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I absolutely love working with people and improving their quality of life. It is why I get up every day.

How do you see yourself growing the company?

Currently the goal is to take TW from being a standard gym (for women) to being more of a results driven collection of “studios” where everyone can find the workout that is best for them. I see myself continuing to grow Total Woman into FitZone for Women and plan to be there at least another 25 years!


5329 Truxtun Avenue

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