Meet Connie Fleishauer

Meeting and getting to know the people is probably my favorite part of the industry. There are so many unique personalities in the cast, crew, and community.

Connie Fleishauer, 63: Author, producer, actor, and retired teacher.

How she got started: With the sheer amount of hats she wears, there are many answers to this question! In writing, she teamed up with M.R. Wells and Kris Young to produce books like Four Paws from Heaven, which sold over 125,000 copies to date. She started her career in producing by working with Susie Myers on Mrs. Whistlewickert and also teamed up with a Christian group of writers, producers, and directors in Hollywood called Premise, where she helped produce Sister Amy.

Her heroes: While her husband (who supports her in all that she does) and Jesus Christ (her “personal Savior”) top the list for her true heroes, as far as films are concerned, Alex and Stephen Kendrick are two inspirational men who she looks up to for multiple reasons. “These men carefully crafted beautiful stories into exciting, heart capturing works of art that have inspired millions,” she said. “They have no sex, no bad language, nothing to make you feel dirty when you leave the theater. You leave wanting to celebrate.”

Career highlights: In addition to producing and acting in several films (one that she is currently working on is local and boasts stars like Daryl Hannah), Fleischauer has also co-authored nine books, seven of which were published through Harvest House Publishing, a renowned Christian publishing company.

Her favorite part of the industry: “Meeting and getting to know the people is probably my favorite part of the industry,” she said. “There are so many unique personalities in the cast, crew, and community.” Considering the fact that she knows, firsthand, just how wonderful Frankie Avalon is and has had her share of work with actors like Michael Madsen and Paul Sorvino, she knows what she’s talking about.

What she’d still like to accomplish: “There are two films I am looking forward to doing,” Fleischauer said. “Both will be done in Shafter and Bakersfield. One is Summer League and the other doesn’t have a name yet, but it is written by Emilio Roso. It will be a Christmas comedy where I play an old woman with the beginning of Alzheimer’s who escapes from her retirement home to look for her family at Christmas.”

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