Meet Sasha & Todd Windes

She’s the Executive Director of Kern Green and President of Windes Investments and he’s the Owner/President of Local Lending (he’s also a Broker), so together these two keep plenty busy during the day. However, they know the importance of family and community, so they are ready and willing to clear the schedule for a good cause.

What was the first thing you thought when you met your future spouse for the first time?
Sasha: Ugh…football player.

Todd: Damn, she is gorgeous.

What is the funniest thing that happened while you two were dating?

Sasha: There are so many things that happened, but one thing I remember the most is when we first started dating. We were walking with another couple leaving a party. The other gentleman jumps in front and opens the door for the other woman and me, and Todd says, “thanks,” and walks through first. He had no idea! We laughed about it later.

Todd: I have two that stand out. I mispronounced “melancholy” in a sentence, and second, I couldn’t stop laughing at a Dumb and Dumber line in front of her mother, whom I just met.

What is the craziest thing your spouse has ever done for you?

Sasha: Either it would be the full-page ad in the newspaper for my 40th birthday with all the silly pictures of me, or the 30th surprise party at Woolgrower’s when everyone was holding up pictures of me from when I was younger as I walked in. Plus, Todd was on time that day, which is crazy unusual.

Todd: Married me.

What is your spouse’s biggest phobia?

Sasha: That we won’t have cable on a Super Bowl Sunday or that the same thing will happen again when he didn’t have the game on live, tons of friends came over and someone hit the remote, it went live, changed the channel, and they lost half the game.

Todd: What would happen to the kids if we passed suddenly.

Who’s the first one to admit when they’re wrong?

Sasha: He is…because he is always wrong. When I am finally wrong, I am sure I will admit it.

Todd: Me…she is never wrong and only slightly misinformed occasionally.

What is your spouse most passionate about?

Sasha: My husband is passionate about fantasy football and winning. He has a great group of guys in both “leagues” and they like to antagonize each other so it becomes highly competitive and a lot of fun for him. Now if he can only win one.

Todd: Making sure the family is happy and everyone is and feels loved. Because she cares deeply for them.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Bakersfield?

Sasha: My favorite thing to do in Bakersfield is go out to dinner with my husband, family, or friends at Valentien. It’s usually quiet with great food and a nice break from the everyday chaos.

Todd: Go out and be involved in community activities. It’s fun to be among other local people who have positive outlooks on the community and environment.

What is your least favorite thing about your spouse and most favorite thing?

Sasha: My least favorite thing is that he is never on time or plans ahead. I am a planner, and like to be on time. He likes to wing it…drives me crazy! How does it take him longer to get ready than me? I have two favorite things about my husband. One, that he is a great cook. I am lost in a kitchen, so without him we would starve. Two, he loves to laugh. We are a goofy family and always joking around; it is great to have someone who is as silly and likes to laugh as much you.

Todd: She carries a lot of stress (least) because of her drive to keep people happy and get tasks accomplished (most).

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