Cheap Eats 2015

Muscle Grub

1100 Calloway Dr., Ste. 100

This unconventional eatery was born out of the four female owners’ love of good food and fitness. When they aren’t delivering healthy, high-protein prepared meals to clients, they are serving up the tasty extras at their storefront to locals who’ve been raving about the menu, which changes on a weekly basis (and not all items are available every day), and has included things like Pesto Chicken Sausage Pasta with whole wheat noodles and the Tilapia Taco Bowl with cilantro cream sauce and brown rice. Every meal is just $10, but remember to get there early as they do run out.


910 20th St.

This longtime local favorite has been serving up traditional Mexican food for decades. People also say the place is haunted, but that’s neither here nor there, because we’ll gladly brave the ghosts and spirits if it means digging into the Merchant’s Lunch. Every day between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you can enjoy a hefty seasoned beef enchilada (covered in a flavorful red sauce) and a savory beef taco with a side of rice and beans for just $10. It even comes with bread and butter! Olé!

Jin Sushi

1600 19th St.

Jin Sushi
Jin Sushi

We’d been hearing some great things about this new sushi joint and so after a visit, we knew it had to be included on the list this year. The roll list is extensive and so it will take you a year to try everything, from the basic rolls and nigiri to their specialty rolls. For ease, though, and $9.95, you can get the Two Regular Roll Combo Lunch Special. You get a cup of miso soup and a green salad and your choice of two regular rolls which include the Avocado Roll, California Roll, Unagi Roll, or Spicy Tuna.

Cuban Cafe

1907 S. Chester Ave.

Here’s a fun place to stop off and grab tasty Cuban and Mexican food for very little. The menu is full of flavorful, authentic items including empanadas, fried plantains, Cuban sandwiches, and lots of spicy chicken dishes. But we had our eye on the Pollo al Ajillo ($8.99). It’s a garlic seasoned chicken leg served with steamed white rice, black beans, and crispy fried plantains that’ll give you a taste of the island.

Tofu House Korean BBQ

5550 California Ave. Ste., 106

There are some great authentic Korean dishes to try at this place, so make sure you come back a few times to really get a taste for something off the beaten path. Feast on the Dumpling & Beef Soon Tofu. Soon Tofu is creamy and soft and made from organic soybeans and then cooked in a savory broth with your choice of meat (in this case dumplings and beef) and heat level. The Soon Tofu comes with a side of brown or white rice. It’s also served with traditional banchan, a variety of Korean side dishes, for just $8.99.

Tacos Las Salsas

10818 Rosedale Hwy.

This great little place on Rosedale has a number of filling lunch specials for the right price: $6.79! That’s right, your choice. You can get a burrito, taco salad, or a torta, but we say try the Quesadilla Nortena. This dish is a big flour tortilla filled with carne adovada (beef or pork marinated in spicy red chili sauce), ranch beans, melted cheese, onions, cilantro, and avocado. And it comes with rice and beans on the side. No way you can leave hungry.

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