What’s in a Name?

The Bakersfield Convention and Visitors Bureau is now known as Visit Bakersfield. This new streamlined name says exactly what the organization is about.

“Visit Bakersfield better reflects our role as the official concierge for our city,” said Visit Bakersfield Manager David Lyman. “We show numerous visitors what there is to see and do here, and we recognize the economic impact that visitors have on our local businesses: they spend money.”

The groundwork for this change was laid several years ago when the CVB adopted VisitBakersfield.com as its web address. On Facebook the CVB is Visit Bakersfield. Now Visit Bakersfield will be used across all platforms.

“Visit Bakersfield is also easier to say,” said Lyman. “We have immediately gone from twelve syllables to five.”

The new name is in keeping with changes among destination marketing organizations nationwide. Several state tourism agencies have made similar identity changes, such Visit California, Visit Maine, and Visit Florida. At the local level, many cities have done the same, such as Visit Anaheim, Visit Anchorage, Visit Oakland, Visit Orlando, Visit Pasadena, Visit Seattle, and Visit Ventura.

Visit Bakersfield will continue to use its successful “More to Explore” tagline to promote California’s ninth largest city. In addition to its downtown Visitors Center adjacent to the busy Amtrak station, Visit Bakersfield fields numerous telephone and internet requests for Bakersfield information from throughout the world, works closely with local hotels and attractions to welcome visitors, and hosts many conventions and sports events throughout the year. The new name will gradually appear as signs and stationery are changed.

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