The Cobbler King

Most of us remember baking cookies in the kitchen as a young kid, but while we enjoyed eating them a lot, the majority of us didn’t turn that love into a passionate—and lucrative—career in baking! Chef Ray Ingram, the pastry chef for the Petroleum Club, however, did just that, when he turned his flair for baking, and everyone else’s love of eating his baking, into a fantastic business venture that involves marketing his own line of fruit cobblers and cobbler mixes.

Chef Ray Ingram
Chef Ray Ingram

So perhaps you know him best by his other name: The Cobbler King.

The business, which is not quite a year old officially, keeps growing (or should we say rising?).

“Everyone loves some kind of cobbler,” Ingram said with a chuckle. So when he realized just how much the people of Bakersfield were loving his creations, not only through his work at the Petroleum Club but through his monthly cooking classes at Urner’s, it was a natural next step.

“There was a lot of research and development,” he said. “A lot of trial and error to perfect the recipe I use.” Clearly, he nailed it; he’s been shipping orders across the country from his website ( and stocking shelves at specialty places around town.


Even the Petroleum Club is selling his blends. There’s classic peach, blackberry, apple, and even mixed berry available for purchase. And if you’re not that great of a baker, but still want that classic, homemade taste, visit his website—there’s a link to a YouTube video of Chef Ray preparing the cobbler, so you can watch and learn from the best. You can also just order ready-made pies and cobblers from the Cobbler King, himself, as some clients do.

“I truly didn’t expect this response,” Ingram explained happily. “It just keeps growing.” And, to keep up with client requests, he’s going sugar-free and gluten-free, too.

Add that to the fact that everyone who tries his cobbler demands more, Chef Ray Ingram really is the undisputed Cobbler King of the U.S.A.

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