Playing the Field

Seneca Moore, 39

Business Owner

First celebrity crush: Prince. I have loved that man since I was little. I think that’s why my favorite color is purple.

Seneca Moore
Seneca Moore

Last local sporting event you attended: I went to a local Condors’ game. It was super fun. My dream is to one day sit with Dancing Granny—she rocks!

Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? No, a man waving pom-poms does nothing for me.

One word that best describes you: Giving.

Best pick-up line you’ve heard: Guys still use those? Haha.

Favorite local charity: Relay For Life.

First job: My first job was as a child going to school and getting good grades. It was a tough job, but somebody had to color inside those lines! Ha!

Beer, wine, or water? Water. But nothing wrong with a good wine every now and then. Beer— yuck. Still don’t get it.

Jeffrey A. Burns, 64


Ever been kissed behind the bleachers? Many times.

Favorite local charity: The Wounded Heroes Fund.

Jeffrey A. Burns
Jeffrey A. Burns

Worst blind date story: Drove all

the way to San Luis Obispo for a blind date. Had been talking for two months…blind dates don’t work.

First job: Dishwasher at Clark’s Broiler.

Favorite genre of music: There are only two types—country/western.

First celebrity crush: Donna Mills.

Last local sporting event you attended: Bakersfield High School’s arena football.

Favorite local place to take a date: Uricchio’s.

Lucky number: 3…and it hasn’t brought luck so far.

Best pick-up line: “Are you married or in love?”

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Spaghetti.

Favorite sports team: Dustin Johnston (golfer).

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