Playing the Field

Candace Freeman Brown, 42

Singer/Healing Arts Practitioner-Teacher/Writer

Candace Freeman Brown
Candace Freeman Brown

Favorite sports team: I come from a home of girlie girls where sports didn’t happen on our TV! I generally go with the boyfriends’ team, or team of friends I am hanging with at any given time. If I had my druthers, I’d probably start a team of hula hooping. And be the captain!

Last local sporting event you attended: The Condors.

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? None of the above. Not into it, but don’t hate it. I exercise alone so I only compete with myself in that world, but I’ll be taking up running when the weather permits. I think it unifies folks and gives humans a reason to hang, enjoy drink and food, and scream at the TV with a common adversary (the other team). Bonding for humans. I bond with folks through music and other things.
Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? Nope. Band nerd. I was too busy marching on the field to get with the boys playing it!

Ever been kissed behind the bleachers? Yup.

Worst blind date story: How much space do I have? I dated a guy once who was both a hoarder and a germaphobe. He had rubbing alcohol with him all the time and gargled with it. He brought some with him on the date. And proceeded to do so several times. During the date. He had no logical reason to do it other than his compulsion. I was freaked out but fascinated. But was NOT interested for obvious reasons!

Going-out ritual: I usually find a cute outfit that shows off curves but doesn’t reveal too much. When I’m performing, I generally wear a nice dress, and a hat or a flower, and my signature colors. I do my face, nails, and find the right jewelry to go…and then I GO!

Favorite genre of music: Jazz and soul.

Favorite holiday: Christmas. Because it’s always been a time of year when you can give without folks feeling obligated to give back. I also go on a candy making frenzy and make fudge and candy for most of the people I associate with. I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years now!

One word that best describes you: Cute.

Favorite app on your phone: Facebook.

First celebrity crush: Shawn Cassidy.

Favorite local place to take a date: The Mark on a music night.

Lucky number: 11:11. When I see it cool things happen. I’m kind of into numerology and 11 is also my life path number. Don’t judge me! It’s true!

Best pick-up line you’ve heard: Can I be sarcastic? Okay. The best pick up line I had was when I was about 25 or so. I walked into a now closed club in Bakersfield, and you had to walk down stairs to get in. As I walked down the stairs some man rushed up to me and said: “You have the best breast-essess.” Mind you I wasn’t wearing anything revealing, just a well-fitting dress. I gently punched the stranger in the shoulder, playfully of course. So I wouldn’t be arrested for assault!

Favorite local charity: Dress for Success.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: My homemade chili and cornbread.

Beer, wine, or water? I’m a water person but if I have to drink, it would be wine. But two glasses would be the max. I’ve become a light weight and enjoy keeping my brain clear these days. But a glass on a rare occasion will work if I have the right people or person around me.

First job: The first El Pollo Loco in Bakersfield. I was 16.

Casey B. Call, 24


Favorite sports team: NY Knicks.

Casey B. Call
Casey B. Call

Last local sporting event you attended: Dodger’s game.

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? Player and a fan..

Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? Yes.

Going-out ritual: Get ready, get dressed, and meet up with all my friends.

Favorite genre of music: Rock.

What’s on your Kindle/nightstand? David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Food, family, and friends. Prefer it to other holidays because of its historical significance and emphasis on coming together without the distraction of material goods.

One word that best describes you: Adventurous.

Favorite app on your phone: Google. Answers to any question, anytime, anywhere.

First celebrity crush: Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

Lucky number: 10—my dad’s number in college.

Favorite local charity: Friends of Mercy.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Aged sharp cheddar baked macaroni.

Beer, wine, or water? Very much enjoy all three.

First job: On my family’s farm in western New York.

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