Playing the Field

Kristine Yost, 53

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Last local sporting event you attended: I have never attended a local sporting event, though I did see the Condors play in Las Vegas. Does that count?

Kristine Yost
Kristine Yost

Worst blind date story: Ugh! It was an internet meet.

Going-out ritual: Haha! I have no go-to “ritual.”

One word that best describes you: Fun.

Favorite local place to take a date: Café Med.

Favorite local charity: Habitat for Humanity. However, I am looking to get involved on a suicide prevention team.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: My signature dish…that’s a tough one. Has to be tetrazzini crepes.

First job: My first real job was as a manicurist.

Best pick-up line you’ve heard: While lying on the beach in Malibu, “Excuse me, does that cooler have an ice cube in it with my name on it?”

First celebrity crush: Burt Reynolds. I loved the way his smile reached his eyes.

Trevor Damyan, 34

Area Manager—Sales

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? Player first, fan second, gambler third.

Trevor Damyan
Trevor Damyan

One word that best describes you: Bold, generous, under-challenged (pick one).

Favorite genre of music: Electronic music and alternative rock.

Beer, wine, or water? Wine, wine, wine. Always wine.

First job: Dairy Queen at 15.

First “real” job at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Favorite local place to take a date: Padre patio.

Lucky number: 4—I’ll leave it to your imagination if it brought luck.

Favorite local charity: Goodwill. I donate a lot of clothes there.

Best pick-up line: “Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.”

Best meal you can cook from scratch: I haven’t cooked in 10 years, but I can make a great omelet.

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