Playing the Field

Sarah Beth Huntley, 28

Equipment Sterilization Tech

Sarah Huntley
Sarah Huntley

Favorite holiday: I’m going to say Thanksgiving. The food is amazing and it’s always a laid back holiday with people I love.

Ever been kissed behind the bleachers? Not yet. Sounds fun though; I’ll have to try it sometime.

Going-out ritual: Typically I turn up the music really loud while I’m getting ready to kind of pump myself up and put me in a great mood.

First job: I worked at the library and did a little bit of everything there from reading to kids on Saturday afternoons to helping patrons find books and check them out.

One word that best describes you: Eclectic!

First celebrity crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Lucky number: 11 because I was born on the 11th of June and anytime I have to pick one number it just works for me.

Favorite local charity: The Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault.

Jason Hitchcock, 39

Power Line Construction Foreman

Jason Hitchcock
Jason Hitchcock

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? Player and fan.

One word that best describes you: Awesome.

Last local sporting event you attended: Condors’ game.

Favorite app on your phone: “Mulletizer.”

First celebrity crush: Sandra Bullock.

Favorite local place to take a date: Roadhouse.

Best pick-up line: “My teddy bear died! Can I sleep with you?”

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Spaghetti.

Favorite genre of music: Rap.

Favorite sports team: 49ers.

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