Playing the Field

Garrett Fowler, 25

Occupation: Petroleum Engineer

First job: Lumberjack.

Garrett Fowler
Garrett Fowler

What’s on your Kindle/nightstand? Atlas Shrugged. Freakonomics.

Worst blind date story: “Screw-your-roommate” is a freshman tradition at Stanford. We went mini-golfing and she beat me!

Going-out ritual: Shower. Push-ups. Lucky socks.

First celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston.

Lucky number: 8. Hasn’t failed yet.

Favorite local charity: Bakersfield Homeless Center.

One word that best describes you: Intense.

Favorite sports team: Stanford Cardinals (all teams).

Best pick-up line: “I’ll be Burger King and you be McDonald’s.I’ll have it my way, and you’ll be lovin’ it.”

Last local sporting event you attended: Bakersfield Condors’ game.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Handmade pasta carbonara (including makingthe noodles).

Beer, wine, or water? Water.

Trinity Macedo, 27


Favorite genre of music: LOOOOVE music!!! I love most tunes: oldies, hip-hop, country, classic rock, R&B, hard rock, and alternative.

Trinity Macedo
Trinity Macedo

Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? A baseball player.

First celebrity crush: Mario Lopez. *Dimples*

Favorite local place to take a date:

If they are into sushi, I love me some Enso.

Favorite local charity: Ronald McDonald House. When I did my internship there, I loved what they do for those in need of help and the spirit they bring in their home.

One word that best describes you: Outgoing.

First job: The all-time teenager place to work—the mall. My first job was at Pacific Sunwear.

Last local sporting event you attended: Condors’ game.

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