Playing the Field

We’re not the first ones to equate the dating world to a game or sport.

Just look at the stats: there’s competition, teams, plays, coaches, and, yes, even the trusted blockers. Thankfully, the men and women gracing the following pages are not overly concerned by their “solo” status and are content to keep playing the field for the love of the game.

Amber Gordon, 34

Executive Assistant

Amber Gordon
Amber Gordon

Favorite sports team: Diehard Denver Broncos fan; Dodgers, Lakers, and Kings.

Last local sporting event you attended: Bakersfield Blaze Game.

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? Player and a fan.

Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? Yes, the football team.

Ever been kissed behind the bleachers? A girl never kisses and tells.

Worst blind date story: I was totally “Catfished.” Met a guys on a singles website, very attractive photos, chatted for a month or so, great personality and sense of humor and we seemed to have a lot in common so I agreed to meet up with him. Let’s just say the person in the photos definitely wasn’t the person that showed up.

Going-out ritual: I don’t really have a ritual. I like to meet up with friends anywhere we can dance, have a few drinks, and sing some karaoke.

Favorite genre of music: I’m a country girl!

Favorite holiday: Christmas. I just love the time of year, the weather, decorations, family, friends, and festivities.

One word that best describes you: Loud.

Favorite app on your phone: Pinterest.

First celebrity crush: Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block).

Favorite local place to take a date: Luigi’s. You’d be surprised how many people have never been there yet they have lived here their whole lives.

Lucky number: 7 (John Elway’s #) I always pick number 7 on anything I bet on and I’m usually pretty lucky.

Best pick-up line you’ve heard: You know what would look better on you? Me!

Favorite local charity: Burn Victims Foundation, Bakersfield Homeless Center, St. Jude Radio-a-thon.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Enchiladas.

Beer, wine, or water? Beer. Coors Light.

First job: North of the River Park and Rec (Volleyball Referee).

Caleb Smith, 31

Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith

The one thing every cop wishes he/she could be—a FIREFIGHTER

Favorite sports team: The underdog. It’s never fun if you know your time is going to win.

Last local sporting event you attended: Battle of the Badges. Best fight of the night was the PAL boxers.

When it comes to sports, are you a player, a fan, or a hater? You only live once; be a good sport and play.

Have you ever dated a member of the team/cheer squad? No, I don’t like fake smiles.

Ever been kissed behind the bleachers? No, refer to the previous question.

Worst blind date story: Let’s just say it helps to have a white tip on your cane when you’re blind!

Going-out ritual: Creatures of habit typically fall victim to the pitfalls of life. I like to change it up.

Favorite genre of music: Eclectic. To say one specific genre of music is my favorite would be a travesty.

What’s on your Kindle/nightstand? The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America.

Favorite holiday: All holidays can be enjoyable, but I must say Christmas is my favorite of all. Since my childhood, it’s been one of the few times of the year that I am able to see and enjoy the many unique individuals that make up my very large family.

Favorite app on your phone: Google Maps. Without it a person could get lost in a concrete jungle like New York City, where geographical landmarks are impossible to see unless you are standing right in front of them or on a rooftop.

First celebrity crush: Kelly LeBrock. I like a woman with an accent.

Favorite local place to take a date: Café Med.

Lucky number: Lucky 13. At least you can plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Best pick-up line: “Is that a phone in your pocket?” “No, why do you ask?” “Because I hear your butt calling my name.”

Favorite local charity: Relay for Life, Burn Survivors, Ronald McDonald House, and the Homeless Center, in no specific order. They all help so many people in need.

Best meal you can cook from scratch: Did I say I’m a firefighter? What do you want to eat?

Beer, wine, or water? Water, Pinot Noir, Guinness. In that order!

First job: When I was 5, my neighbor would give me all the salt I needed and pay me 25 cents for each snail that I pulled out of his flower bed, as long as I dispatched of them on the street and not in his driveway. Many times it was very lucrative for a young child. Then again, this same neighbor also had a Vegas slot machine and recouped some of my earnings at times. Life lesson learned: sometimes you have to pay for the choices you make in life.

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